Create More Leaders

Create More Leaders

Many leadership traits are evergreen, including sharp strategy and an ability to take tough decisions. Today’s volatile and fast-changing world also demands leaders who are brave, purpose-driven and collaborative, and who embrace their humanity and humility. All systems change starts with human change, and supporting the next generation of courageous leaders is essential for building the companies, organisations and institutions that will safeguard our future.

We need two things more than anything else: leaders and trees.

How we Create More Leaders


Step-Changing Business Education

Too many schools still push the failed, conventional wisdom that businesses’ sole duty is to enrich its shareholders through unfettered growth (thank you Milton Friedman). Too many still teach sustainability as an add-on. As Chair of the Oxford Said Business School and through INSEAD, IESE and Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), we help drive the growing movement to overhaul the MBA and other courses to ensure graduates understand that long-term, multi-stakeholder and purpose-driven companies are typically more resilient, more innovative and more likely to succeed.

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Bringing young people to the table

Successfully reimagining our economy and our societies will require us to partner across generations, with Baby Boomers working hand-in-hand with millennials and Gen-Z. We champion this approach across our work and by supporting a growing network of organisations, including YPO, NEXUS, Enactus and the United Nations Youth Champions. I Chair the Global Advisory Board of One Young World, an inspiring and impactful community of young leaders gathered from around the globe.

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Create More Leaders

Create More Leaders

Mandatory climate crisis module announced for Barcelona students

Following a week-long sit-in by anti-fossil fuel campaigners, 14,000 undergrads and postgraduate students will have to take the course from 2024, in a world-first move. 6000 academic staff will receive climate training.