Partner With Governments

Partner with Governments

The 2015 Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals commit the world’s nations to working together for a just, inclusive and low-carbon future. It’s up to governments to set the laws, policies and public spending needed to drive the transition. But they will only do so if politicians have confidence that business is with them. Corporate leaders, working with civil society, can embolden policy-makers to higher ambition and get our political systems moving.

It takes three to tango.

How we Partner With Governments


Right Policy, Real Action

We support bolder, more effective action at national and international level by working directly with key administrations and multilateral institutions, including through the COP, G20 and European Union. We also help mobilise a wide range of so-called “non-State actors” to turn policies and pledges into meaningful change. I’m a Global Ambassador for the United Nations Race to Zero and Race to Resilience, where we galvanise business, cities, investors, universities and others to play a bigger and more urgent role in halving emissions by 2030, and building the resilience of 4 million people on the front line of climate change.


Net Positive advocacy

Too many companies still privately lobby for benefits and special favours at odds with their public positions on the environment, economic inequality and social justice. Or they get their trade associations to do it for them. We help corporate leaders shift from short-sighted, self-interested lobbying to smarter advocacy that promotes the laws and standards needed for industry, society and the planet to flourish. This includes working for a fairer global tax landscape, for an end to harmful subsidies and, and for new rules to get big money out of politics.

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Partner With Governments

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G20 Bali Global Blended Finance Alliance launched to unlock green investment for developing countries

The launch and signing of the GBFA G20 Bali Letter of Intent was attended by nine founding member countries with three representatives from G20 countries, financial hubs, island countries and African countries. It reflects Indonesia's firm commitment on integrating blended finance in the G20 process and their vision to realize sustainable prosperity globally.