Inclusive Societies

Inclusive Societies

Standing up for basic human values – dignity, respect, equity and compassion – is not only a moral duty, it is a business imperative. Societies in which power is abused and whole groups are marginalised are less stable, less predictable, and suffer from lost human potential. Inclusion, empowerment and unity create a far better environment for companies to thrive. A growing number of people, as employees, consumers and citizens, expect their corporate leaders to take a stand.

A system in which too many people feel as though they are not participating, will ultimately rebel against itself.

How we promote Inclusive Societies


Campaigns and advocacy

We champion a just transition to a low-carbon future, which protects the communities at the forefront of the change, whether smallholder farmers in Africa or coal mining communities in the United States. We are active across a range of human rights issues, from striving to end vaccine apartheid to working for the abolition of the death penalty. My wife Kim and I set up the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust to support thousands of visually impaired young people in Africa, and I chair the Valuable 500, which aims to catalyse disability inclusion across the private sector.


Getting off the sidelines

Speaking up against human rights abuses can be uncomfortable territory for C-Suites, but it is vital for protecting the powerless and taking on the vested interests blocking progress towards a safer and more equitable world. From calling out greenwashing to speaking up against dangerous ideology, business cannot be a silent bystander in the societies which give it life.

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Inclusive Societies

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White paper on inclusive representation launched by the Valuable 500 at the World Economic Forum

New research exposes critical gaps and untapped opportunities for businesses in achieving inclusive disability representation and unlocking $13 trillion in annual disability spending power. Read the white paper to learn more and see recommendations on how businesses can champion inclusive disability representation.