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Move Capital

The finance industry is critical in driving systems change and the new economy. There is still a long way to go but important shifts are underway. Trillions of dollars are being pumped into ESG funds and are now committed to some kind of net-zero target. A growing number of shareholders are demanding an end to fossil fuels, while capitalising on the immense opportunities in clean industry. We can help build this momentum by directing capital towards the low carbon sectors of the future, and towards those companies which embrace a more responsible, longer-term, multi-stakeholder model, and in doing so better position themselves for the years ahead.

Impact investing can help accelerate systems change by focusing on areas where we can make a difference without compromising returns or performance. And by helping set the rules and standards for high ambition,  we can create transparency, comparability and a race to the top.

Move markets, move mountains.

How we Move Capital


Impact investing

We work to mobilise capital towards entrepreneurs and companies which are having a positive impact, while delivering strong returns. I’m a founding Board member of the Rise Fund, which directs $14bn in assets-under-management, and on the Board of Trustees for the Rockefeller Foundation.  I also co-chair the $4 billion EQT Future fund focused on climate & nature, and health & wellbeing.  And with others I have launched SYSTEMIQ Capital, a venture capital fund that supports earlystage climate technology our world desperately needs. Our team also helps develop innovative financial instruments, including blended finance to leverage much-needed private investment from public and philanthropic funds.


Rules and Standards

We collaborate on a range of initiatives aimed at helping companies and investors measure and compare their sustainability-related risks, opportunities and impact. Organisations such as the International Sustainability Standards Board, the Science Based Targets Network and the World Benchmarking Alliance are all part of a growing movement for greater transparency, disclosure and rigour, to get finance flowing towards cleaner, safer and fairer investments. Increasingly the evidence shows that companies which perform well on environmental, social and governance measures (ESG) outperform their peers. With other B-Team Leaders, I advocate for an ambitious, holistic and credible ESG framework to help drive this shift.

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G20 Bali Global Blended Finance Alliance launched to unlock green investment for developing countries

The launch and signing of the GBFA G20 Bali Letter of Intent was attended by nine founding member countries with three representatives from G20 countries, financial hubs, island countries and African countries. It reflects Indonesia's firm commitment on integrating blended finance in the G20 process and their vision to realize sustainable prosperity globally.